Passenger terminals of Panama, Thirukkovil and Pulmuddeiconstructed within the Eastern Province.

Passenger terminals of Panama, Thirukkovil and Pulmuddeiconstructed within the Eastern Province. With the end of the war, by reforming the community life of the Eastern Province, the Government gave out a massive development to that province and through that, the requirement for transportation of those people increased parallel to their other requirements. According to that, on the request of Eastern Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority, having constructed 03 passenger terminals in Panama, Thirukkovil and Pulmuddei towns, they were declared open for public use on 01st and 02nd of June 2013. The amount spent on this behalf is around Rupees 9.0 Million

Mulatiyana Bus Stop

Mulatiyana Bus Stop

By fulfilling a basic requirement which Mulatiyana town had, our ministry took steps to construct a complete bus stop for the Mulatiyana town.  For phases I and II herein, provisions worth Rupees 12 Million was allocated by the Private Transport Services Ministry while construction activities of this is being completed at present. Facilities pertaining to deploying of SLTB and private buses from one platform according to a combined timetable have been provided to this bus stop.

Melsiripura Bus Stop

Melsiripura Bus Stop

After taking into consideration about the difficulties faced by the public due to the dilapidated and collapsing state of the bus stop of Melsiripura town of Kurunegala district, with the coordination of North Western Provincial Council and IbbagamuwaPradeshiyaSabha, our ministry took measures to construct a new bus stop. The ground floor of this bus stop will be constructed with all the facilities required for a passenger terminal for which our ministry had provided provisions worth Rupees 7 Million for that. Parallel to the DeyataKirula, the National Development Exhibition of 2014, construction work of this is being completed at present and it is expected to finish construction work and hand over this bus stop to the public with immediate effect.

KaruwalagaswewaBus Stop

Karuwalagaswewa Bus Stop

Karuwalagaswewa and Saliyawewa bus stops are an accomplishment of a requirement needed for the said town. This too is constructed by the provisions of Ministry of Private Transport Services by the coordination of North Western Province and KaruwalagaswewaPradeshiyaSabha, while construction work of this is remaining at the final phase. Alongwith an additional estimate, the total amount spent for this is Rupees 9.77 Million. This bus stand has been planned to be handed over to public use corresponding to DeyataKiruala, the National Development Exhibition of 2014.

Other Proposed Programs to be implemented in Year 2014

  • Pre paid card for transport sector
  • Automated public complain system
  • Integrated information system
  • CCTV system to monitor NTC, NTC district offices and Bastian Mawatha bus terminal
  • Public Transport Training Institute
  • Regularizing School Transport Services
  • Making Drivers and Conductors Contribute to the Employees’ Provident Fund and Employees’ Trust Fund.
  • Initiating a Driver/ Conductor Welfare Program
  • Introducing an insurance scheme for drivers/conductors
  • Improving the welfare activities of their families (initiating a scholarship program for school children) 
  • Organizing sports competitions at national, provincial and district level in which drivers/conductors and members of their families can participate.
  • Subsequent to selecting the best driver/ conductor of the year, appreciating their service.
  • Providing an opportunity to display their talents through television reality programs.
  • Launching a magazine connected to transport services

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